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Oreimo – Page 1 Translation

June 21, 2010

On Yuuka’s (admittedly joking) request, I’ve translated the first page of the light novel 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない “My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute”. Enjoy.

Note: It seems volume 1 has already been translated by a group called Himatsubushi here. It’s been a good reference for comparison for me, but if you want to actually read the rest of this story, you should go to their site (theirs is better)!

As I came home from school, my little sister was on the phone in the living room.

Her name is Kousaka Kirino. Presently 14 years old, she’s a middle school student who goes to the junior high school in the neighbourhood.

Hair dyed light brown, both ears pierced, she was painting her long, manicured nails. She was further polishing up the elaborate make-up on her handsome face; a face that would draw your eyes even without makeup. She exuded an adult air of the kind rarely seen in a middle school student. She was tall and of slender build, but the bits that stuck out did so clearly.

If she was good at singing, she’d be the perfect charismatic idol that girls adore.

I’m not just trying to see her in a favourable light. My sister is something of a refined girl.

I have absolutely no intention of bragging about her. The guys are already really jealous of me, and it’s not that I don’t understand their feelings… What I’m trying to say is, I’m not joking.

I think anyone with a little sister would kind of understand where I’m coming from.

Little sisters aren’t that great. At least, not to me.

Think about it this way. In a school class, you usually have different cliques, right?

Think about the most flamboyant of those groups. The ace of the athletics club, or maybe the attractive girl who’s at the top of the class. The especially cute girl who ends up the centre of attention.

In that group, you’ll find the refined girl even one step higher than her.

The one who you find hard to talk to, who you think you’ll never get involved with because she lives in a totally different world. The so called “elite girls”. It doesn’t matter how pretty they are; most guys can’t deal with that type of girl. I think so too.

Try to imagine that girl being in your own family. Of course, keeping a relative distance from each other.

Now do you understand how awkward I feel? It’s not that great, is it?

“I’m home.”

My greeting wasn’t so much met with a glance, let alone a reply.

Kirino was sat on the sofa wearing her sailor uniform, crossing her legs with an ultra short skirt, focused on her mobile and laughing cacophonically at something or other.

Her smile was indeed cute, but it would never be directed at me.

“Really? No way! What the hell? Ahaha, that’s so dumb!”

Huh. I was an idiot for even attempting to talk to you.

I silently cursed at her and pulled open the fridge. I took out a carton of barley tea, poured it into a glass and chugged it down in one go. After a sigh of satisfaction, I left the scene.

“Yeah, yeah! … Gotcha. I’m gonna go get changed and then leave, ‘kay?”

It’s already evening. Where the heck are you going at this time?

“Well, I guess it’s nothing to do with me anyway,” I thought as I climbed the stairs.

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