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AMC Vol. 1 Walkthrough


(translated and adapted from


Murder Club  
Q. I don’t understand how the routes work in the Companions arc.  
The responses you make at the start of this arc will affect the outcome.
There are three main paths in this arc: solo, 2 team and 3 team.
If you pick two options with differing outcomes, the route you take is determined in the following order of priority: solo > 2 team > 3 team.

Example 1: If you pick a 2 team option and then a solo option, you’ll end up on the solo route.
Example 2: If you pick a 3 team option and then a 2 team option, you’ll end up on the 2 team route.

This effectively means that the 3 team route is the hardest to get, as there’s only one possibility for getting this path.


Points First choice Second choice
Solo point They’ll get in my way I can’t stand it!
2 team point I’ll see how it goes Difficult to say…
3 team point Oh, whatever! It’s great fun!


Sakagami’s quiz uses good and bad flags depending on the position in which you place them.


Character A B C D E F G
Sanae’s seat Good Bad Good Bad Good Good Bad
Sakagami’s seat Bad Good Good Bad Bad Bad Bad


If you pick two good options, you will head towards the good endings.
If you pick two bad options, you will head towards the bad endings.
If you have one good and one bad option, you will instead head to the Lights Out arc.


Q. How do I get the scenario in the top left corner of the skip menu?
Pick the first option twice in the Jealousy arc of Okuri Inu to get ending 17. Then, when Sakagami shows up in Murder Club (Seven Wonders method), you’ll have the option of talking about his dog Poe.


Q. I don’t have a way to beat Shindou after using the golf ball on Fukuzawa.
Check the living room table twice.
You should defeat enemies in this order:
Kazama, Shindou, Arai, Fukuzawa, Iwashita, Hosoda.


Q. I can’t get past Hosoda’s turn in Hosoda First
  (i.e. How do I get to endings 68-82?)
The red herring is using the scenario skip.
You need to have brought up the discussion about Ayanokouji at Emi’s introduction or you won’t be able to proceed.


Q. Each four of Arai’s musings turn out the same.
All four of those options will always lead to the same ending.
If you want to advance to the next team member, you’ll have to recruit a certain person as an ally…


Q, Fukuzawa keeps getting killed by Arai!
Have Kazama talk about any of his qualities, and then proceed to try and kill Fukuzawa. Fukuzawa will then get his gun, which will affect the story later.


Q. I’m missing the last CG in Murder Club.
It’ll be unlocked once you attain 100% completion.


Okuri Inu
Q. I can’t get to endings 21-28 (Security Guard’s arc).
To unlock all of these endings, you need to have seen 20 endings in Okuri Inu and 10 from Murder Club.


Q. I don’t understand the whole deal with Yamazaki’s letters and the truth of behind the mystery. 
You’ll need to enter passwords 15 and 45 on the official site.
[NOTE: The official site no longer hosts this crucial part of the story. If anyone is able to locate these resources, please let me know @ApathyTranslate on Twitter.]





Murder Club


Ending 01 
Start the game afresh.
Pick Seven Wonders, then ask to swap with Sakagami.
Whisper to Sanae and then shout SENSEI!!!


Ending 05/12 
Which of these endings you get is determined by the initial choice in this arc.
The ending after “That’s right” -> “Refuse” has two outcomes.
If you picked “The days o’ me youth”, you’ll get ending 5.
If you picked “Nowt but trouble”, you’ll get ending 12.


Ending 15 
Mix the bleach and alkaline detergent.


Ending 16 
Avoid both detergents and safe items. For example:
Oshiruko -> bleach -> cold remedy
-> 13-year-old ponzu sauce -> Swedish herring -> Die, Sakagami!!!


Ending 17 
Don’t mix bleach and alkaline, but do mix…
◎Milk + pesticide
◎Grapefruit + sleeping pills
◎Blue cheese + stomach meds
Any of these will work.


Ending 19 
Don’t add anything poisonous, e.g.
1 -> 1 -> 3 -> 1 -> 3 -> 1 -> 2


Ending 2325 
(23) Speak up -> She’s probably taking time to prepare
(25) Speak up -> any of the other option
   →The ending will be fixed to the option you picked
(24) Speak up -> the remaining option


Ending 27 
Just see if you can stick it out till the end.


Ending 28 
Make a bold move after feigning ignorance till the end.


Lights Out
Ending 39 
Think back to the rules of the game.
What was the bad end they were aiming for?


Seven Wonders
Ending 4041 
I’m going now! -> I’m the listener
Start the meeting for ED40 or keep waiting for ED41.


Treasure Hunt
Ending 42 
Go to the old schoolhouse via an early intro option. There are no complex patterns to this arc.


Ending 4647 
Shirai -> Candywoman -> Ayanokouji -> Sakagami -> (any hereafter)


Ending 48 
Sakagami -> Kurogi -> Sanae -> Shirai -> Candywoman -> Ayanokouji


Ending 49 
Kurogi -> Shirai -> Ayanokouji -> Sanae -> Candywoman -> Sakagami


Ending 50546064 
Refer to the table in the FAQ for this arc above.
ED50 Solo, good route -> shoe lockers
ED51 Solo, bad route -> shoe lockers
ED52 Solo, any route -> gym hall
ED53 Solo, bad route -> staff room
ED54 Solo, good route -> staff room
ED60 3 team, bad route -> classroom
ED61 3 team, good route -> classroom
ED62 3 team, good route -> auditorium
ED63 3 team, bad route -> auditorium
ED64 3 team, any route -> pool


Hosoda First
Ending 6768727375 
(67) Use the scenario skip and immediately chase after Emi.
(68) Start from the beginning and pick lottery format -> change the subject -> chase after Emi immediately in the old schoolhouse.
(72) Hunt down Hino as Fukuzawa
(73) (You must have seen ending 72 to get this one.)
  Go to Hino’s home and flat out refuse the drink.
(75) Confront Fukuzawa without brandishing the gun.
Endings 76 requires you to have Kazama admire himself and then attempt to kill Fukuzawa so that she gets his gun. The rest should be easy.


Ending 80 
You must have first seen 70 endings in total (Murder Club and Okuri Inu combined).
Go to Shinjuku with Sakagami and a new route will be present. This could be easily considered the Murder Club’s true ending.


Okuri Inu
Okuri Inu
Ending 04 
You must have seen at least 30 endings in Murder Club to unlock this route.
Attend the dating event -> just imagining things -> trust Senda -> refuse to read Yamazaki’s letter


Wild Emotions
Ending 12 
Endure -> look at the letter -> accuse Madoka -> meet Senda -> it’s all Madoka’s fault


Ending 20 
3. Damp as the morning dew
1. Low upper body
1. Ears pointed back
2. Tail straight out
3. Bare fangs
(Any attack name)
Getting even one thing wrong leads to ending 18, but…
A single mistake elicits a different response from Poe (so close) than if two or more mistakes (you’ve got it backwards). This will be significant for those aiming to get 100% completion.


Daily Report
Ending 21232629 
Endings 21 to 29 (excluding 24 and 25) are point-based.
Question A point B point C point  
Name Yuu-kun 0565SBR Yuubel  
Study Moves around a lot Study of Earth and dissection of its lifeforms Lots of things  
Hair colour Same as Hiro-chan Rainbow-coloured Corn-coloured  
Eye colour Black Kaleidoscopic Green  
Appearance Uniform Shiny silver suit Rides a horse  


(21) Balance out the descriptions between “princely”, “normal” and “alien”.
  e.g. Yuu-kun, study of Earth, corn-coloured, black, silver suit
(22) Hit all 5 prince points (C points)
(23) Hit all 5 normal points (A points) [pick 11122]
(26) Hit all 5 alien points (B points) [pick 32313]
(27) Get 3 or 4 normal points (A points)
(28) Get 3 or 4 prince points (C points)
(29) Get 3 or 4 alien points (B points)


Yamazaki’s Letter
Ending 3032 
Follow the path to ending 4, but choose to read the letter.
Respond to Jin’s questions as if mentally ill but unaware of it for ending 30.
Otherwise, the story will advance and lead you to the choices for 31 and 32.


Should be self explanatory, but make sure you are worried about Shiro before completing the true end to this arc for a bonus scene (needed for 100% completion).


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