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Game Projects

Old Game Projects

(Note: These projects are NOT work-related. They are purely done out of my own interest.)

Danmaku Dasakumu: Mitigation of Failed Barrage [on hiatus]



On hold


[on hiatus]


A bullet hell game in the style of the Touhou series. Art, programming and music by Eren Baykal.


The story involves a girl named Flow who possesses a pendant that one day begins to guide her somewhere. She begins to follow the direction in which it leads and discovers there are those who want the pendant for themselves in order to find a certain “promised land”. The first of these pursuers is alchemist Perenelle Campbelle, whom Flow meets flying high above the clouds. Armed with a giant bubble maker, Perenelle’s threats don’t leave a lasting impression on Flow, who moves like water through her barrages of sublimation and torrefaction.

It’s really just to see if I could make a Touhou clone. If this is to start up again, my best bet would be to use Scirra Construct 2.

The final stage of alchemy absorbs the elements and transforms them into gold

An alchemical acid is used to dissolve components

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