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Apathy Midnight Collection Vol. 1 – Fan Translation Patch Complete

December 21, 2016

Hi all,

The day has finally come. Please allow me to introduce the English fan translation patch for Apathy Midnight Collection vol. 1!

To get it working, you’ll need to download the following two files. Follow the instructions in the second file for help on how to get things up and running, as well on how to progress through the harder parts of the game (it can be pretty mean at times). It takes a couple of hours to upload with my connection, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to fix anything too speedily for the time being.



To those of you who were waiting all this time, thank you for bearing with me for so long.

Well then, I leave you to enjoy the horrific, spine-tingling, and sometimes very silly stories of the Apathy universe!


Apathy Midnight Collection Vol. 1 – Fan Translation Progress Update 4.8.2016

August 4, 2016


Hi all – first of all, I have to apologise for the (ridiculously) extended hiatus period. Years ago, I’d finished my translation and editing pass for the Murder Club section of the VN (the largest of the three stories). I decided I’d try to contact the developer, but there was no reply and the official site seemed decidedly dead. Back then, not knowing the next step to take effectively stopped me in my tracks.

But I’ve now dusted off the old text files with renewed determination to finish this once and for all, in large part thanks to the comments everyone has left over the years. It may be long forgotten, but it’s still getting finished.

Great, but what are you going to do to make sure you finish this time?

The biggest change for me here is to implement regular progress updates. I’ve established an exclusive Twitter account @ApathyTranslate for daily updates on the fan translation, and weekly or biweekly updates on here, depending on time constraints.

And if you go AWOL again?

Let it be known here that if I fail to update the Twitter account after 13 days, I am obliged to post my current progress so that either a partial version of the game can be played in English or someone can take over from me and complete the finishing touches.

OK. Now give me a progress update!

I fully intend to. For the specifics, and perhaps a few screenshots, I recommend that you follow @ApathyTranslate as it will be updates far more regularly. This blog will mainly be used for milestones. Now, as for the three stories that comprise the VN:

  1. Murder Club
  2. Okuri Inu
  3. Hashira no Kizu

1. Murder Club

Excluding graphic text, this has been translated, edited and re-edited by me. I’m sure a few more pairs of eyes will be beneficial in future, but it requires one last editing pass for a very specific reason: I’d initially kept out honorific suffixes. That means no -chans, -sans, -kuns or -senpais. But I wasn’t at all considering my target audience by doing this, so I’m now making a concerted effort to add them in again. Fortunately, it’s not too painstaking, as I’m alternating between doing this and translating arcs from story two, which is:

2. Okuri Inu

The “Following Dog”, now keeping its Japanese name because it’s a youkai rooted in legend and because it would have sounded ridiculous, is now the story I’m translating at the moment. While it might have been nice to release Murder Club independently, the fact is that one of the story arcs in Okuri Inu unlocks a hidden arc in Murder Club, so the two are kind of inextricably linked. All stories are set in the Apathy universe (a world of mysterious occult phenomena) so there are frequent cameos from other stories.

3. Hashira no Kizu

The bad news is that this is currently untouched and untested because it doesn’t seem to use OnScripter. The good news is that it’s very much standalone, very short and has no branching. So I could live with it if this one doesn’t get translated, though I’d still very much like to. (Not to mention the art in it is gorgeous.)


The ball is rolling again, I’m busy writing away a few hours a day on Notepad++ (which is a surprisingly effective environment to work in) and I hope I can finally make this project that started so many years ago a reality. I leave you with a handful of old screenshots (the text has since been revised further for a more natural flow and note that honorifics will be re-added).

Don’t forget to follow @ApathyTranslate if you’re interested in the project, and either thank you for persevering with me or welcome if you’re new to the show!

Until next update!

– Mikanosuke

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni 7 – Requiem of the Golden Witch – Prologue Translation

August 28, 2010

You might be happy to know that I’ve translated and hard-subbed the prologue to the visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 7 for those who can’t handle the wait for The Witch Hunt. It covers everything up to the opening, and you can watch it below. Do enjoy!

Note: I haven’t translated the opening as there are perfectly good translations of it out there already, but I’ve left it in anyway to increase the pathos (in the mist, hehe).

2nd Note: If you have not read up to the end of Umineko no Naku Koro ni 6, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. You have been warned.

Apathy Midnight Collection Vol. 1 – Translation Project

June 26, 2010

I haven’t taken the opportunity to tell you about my main translation project yet. I’ve been working on a translation of the visual novel Apathy – Midnight Collection Vol. 1 for a few years on and off, and have thus far completed 8 out of the 11 arcs for the main story. All three stories should be completed by November provided everything runs smoothly.

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Oreimo – Page 1 Translation

June 21, 2010

On Yuuka’s (admittedly joking) request, I’ve translated the first page of the light novel 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない “My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute”. Enjoy.

Note: It seems volume 1 has already been translated by a group called Himatsubushi here. It’s been a good reference for comparison for me, but if you want to actually read the rest of this story, you should go to their site (theirs is better)!
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ShmupadiGm Shift

June 13, 2010

This Tuesday, the first speight of proper shmup games will be coming to PSN in the form of doujin games Gundemonium Recollection, the unpronounceable GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa. I can only hope this marks the beginning of a shift from Xbox to PS3 for the genre.

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Movement detected. Target locked.

June 6, 2010

So, the movement system has finally been implemented, after weeks of digging myself deeper and deeper in unfathomable code. I’ve now bought Torque Game Builder (non-source code version) so I can play around with the features to my heart’s content.

With movement out of the way, I’ve finally been able to focus on the more interesting and exciting things, like getting some interaction happening. As of tonight, I’ve finished importing 90% of the currently drawn sprites, and looking forward to having Tyler and IYS him(?)self appearing properly animated. Then comes the fun part – TEXT and STORY!

I’m almost at the same point as I had reached with MMF2, so Molly should be able to get back into action soon with her fantastic art. Check out the “Game Projects” page in the menu bar if you’d like to check out the overall progress. Stay tuned!